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AMC Pacer X / 1975

General info

The Pacer in general is known for his role in the cult film Waynes World. The actual car from the movie was recently sold for $ 37,400. This was just one of the movies it starred in, others were: the Flodder movie, Star Struck, The Pallbearer, Cars 2, Good Burger, L'aile ou la cuisse, Beethoven's 3rd, Last Night, Dead man walking, Next Gen, the Simpsons and many others.  Watch some clips here. Even Brigitte Bardot and Eminem had one!

Interesting fact: the right door of a Pacer is 10 cm longer than the left door to make access for passengers easier. And although it looks small, it is wider than a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Once described as one of the ugliest cars of all times, this has now become a real cult car.

Available as the Pacer X from 1975 to 1978 in coupe form, the trim package consisted of vinyl bucket seats sports steering wheel and custom trim as well as a floor-mounted gear shift and front sway bar. The model received exterior chrome features, styled road wheels, Pacer X decals on the doors and other package identification.

The car we sell

Our Pacer has also had a role in a film (as an extra) in 'The Kidnapping of Mr. Heineken ' ( seen briefly at 00:55 in this clip ).
There is also an article dedicated to it in Autoweek (magazine included in sale) and it was a model in the Standox car paint calendar (copy of the calendar included). Last year it was completely wrapped in white and painted by artist Ben Heine at the Gentleman's Fair. A real art car!

The car has a very big and nice history, so we made sure the original number plates stayed with the car for orignality.

When purchased, the car received major maintenance from an American Car specialist. The car has a full stainless steel exhaust. Please be aware that at the bottom of the doors some small rust bubbles start to show. The car is currently wrapped in vinyl, so they are not really visible. And recently there seems to be some oil underneath the car. More than likely a rubber that is a bit dry. Nothing insurmountable however, and perfectly normal for a car of that age.