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Honda S800 Fracasetti / 1970

I am still collecting bits and pieces of the history of this car. But this far I can tell you the following: this is a 1970 'barquette' race car made by a French gentleman by the name of Fracasetti, who worked at the Bugatti factory. Helped by some friends/engineers from the Bugatti-factory, he built this gorgeous little race car with a Honda S800 engine, which was - back in the days - the most powerful engine for 'course de côte' and hill climb races. The body is fully made from aluminium and has a beautiful patina.
It took part in many races in the 1970s, and pictures from that period are available. The last race it did was in 2011 at the 'Circuit des Remparts' in Angoulême, France.

Press releases about this vehicle appeared in 'Constructeur sans patente' volume 2 and a test report in 'Autocollector"'#20 from 20 April 2012, May and June.

The car has been fully restored by a professional company and looks better than new. It comes with some spare parts, mostly engine components. 

More pictures here.