About Us

Behind Burnenville are Mathieu Damiens and Aaike De Jonghe. Two belgian entrepreneurs with a head full of ideas and a heart filled with love for beauty.

Mathieu Damiens is a graphic designer who specializes in (collector) car photography. He runs his own advertising agency where he works with beautiful images and objects on a daily basis. When not creating advertising campains for his clients, he is on the hunt for oldtimers and exotic cars, can be found on the race track or meets up with other car enthusiasts .

Aaike De Jonghe graduated as an art historian, and specialized in contemporary art and cinematography. She dedicates most of her time to art and founded contemporary art platform Mad Art together with Mathieu back in 2009. Since, the platform collaborates with over 65 contemporary artists and presents their work on art fairs all over Europe. Mad Art enables her to combine 2 of her greatest passions: art and travelling.

Over the years, Mathieu and Aaike have invested in a fascinating collection of oldtimers, contemporary art and vintage furniture. Since starting their hunt for beautiful collectibles, the collection has outgrown their home. Both being adepts at "Less is more", the phrase adopted in 1947 by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a precept for Minimalist design and architecture, Burnenville now gives them the opportunity to show the public and in the meantime detach from some of their favorite belongings.

Burnenville is conceived as a one-stop-shop, where one can browse easily through the different areas. While cars make up the majority of the website, contemporary art and modern/vintage furniture are featured too. Apart from a lot of pictures, the site also features additional vintage footage as well as interesting facts about the items up for sale.

We hope you enjoy browsing through some of our favorite things !