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Ferrari F40 Kiddie Ride

The closest I'll probably ever get to owning a real F40!

This coin-operated 'Ferrari Challenge' kiddie ride, built by Elektro-Mobiltechnik GmbH, is a rare thing. According to the previous owner, just a handful have ever been built. I'll have to take his word for it as I can't find a single thing about it online, not even pictures of other ones. I saw it for sale and hád to buy it.

What I can say is: the kiddy ride is in very good condition, esthetically as well as technically. It operates on 220 V power and 1 Euro-coins.


Find a movie of the ride at work here. 
To give you an impression of size: the kid in the movie is 2,5 years old.
Beware: I've added some genuine F40-sounds to the movie for the experience.