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Ducati Mini Marcelino / 1967

Probably the cutest Ducati in the world.

At the end of the 1960's in Spain, it was not easy for a family with an average purchasing power to acquire a Ducati Mini Marcellino. Keeping in mind that a Seat 600 costed 68,100 pesetas (409,29 Euro), the price of 13,060 pesetas (78,49 Euro) for a Ducati Mini Marcelino was relatively heigh. So despite the economic progression of Spain this motor was a whim only available to a few. However, it was a period of achievable dreams and the awakening of a society that believed that with effort almost everything could be achieved. It was also the boom in Europe for mini motorcycles for adults, launched many brands into the race to manufacture them (Honda, Di Blasi, Moto Graziella, Beta, Fantic, etc.), thus propelled the idea of ​​the first mini motorcycle manufactured entirely in Spain, the Mini Marcellino with a Ducati Mototrans engine.

For those who speak a little Spanish, a lot more info can be found here.

The bike we sell

The minibike we sell is a 1967 Ducati Mini Marcelino, one of the first series, built in Barcelona by Mototrans SA. There were only 2.500 bikes built.

It is in perfect condition and was restored a few years ago. All chrome parts were refurbished and the bike has been fully repainted. The saddle has been reupholstered and the orginal headlight was replaced by a modern LED-version, thus creating a more 'modern' look.