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Porsche 964 backdating to 1973 RSR-look

General info

Warning ! Not for matching numbers fanatics !
For the privateer in the mid-1970s who wanted to go sports car racing, and in particular compete successfully at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans, there was really only one viable option, the Porsche RSR. Introduced in 1973, the RSR was a factory-built racing car based on the 911 chassis. These were not converted street cars, but rather purpose built competition models designed and built from the ground up for serious racing use. In 1974 the factory made significant changes to the car including a new 3.0 liter engine, wider wheels with center lock hubs and improved aerodynamics. The result was a car that would dominate the GT category and challenge for overall wins around the world.
Not only is the 1973 RSR the one of the most successful of the Porsche racers of all time, even leaving prototypes in the dust, it just oozes Porsche excellence. If I had to describe the essence of Porsche to some alien life form, or place one image of the brand into a time capsule for future generations to discover, I’d show them an image of the RSR.
I've always liked the design of a '73 Porsche 911 RSR. But what I didn't like was the price of an original one. And the fact that they were never meant to be road-legal. So getting one on the streets was impossible to me. The only other option I had if I ever wanted to own such a gorgeous piece of automotive design was building one, starting from a 'normal' 911 from that era.
But if you're not having a 'real' one, and you just want the looks of it and use it as a daily driver, then why settle with the old mechanics ? That's why I chose to backdate a 964. Compared to the original 1973 specifications it offers upgraded modern suspension, modern driving aids such as ABS, power brakes, power steering, smooth running and precise gearshift, improved power etc.

It is no longer an impossible dream to drive a Classic looking 911 with all the comfort and efficiency of a modern 964 ! And when you take a look at all the companies that have started making backdated 911's, such as Singer, DP Motorsport, Lightspeed Classic etc…, you will understand that this is a booming business !

The car we sell

The car we sell ticks all the right boxes to me. It has the classic looks on the outside with wide stance and big tires, combined with a comfortable non-spartan interior. The color scheme is just perfect: silver metallic body with a black leather interior. The standard seats have been swapped with retro-styled seats and the door panels are lightweight RS-look with leather straps to open the doors. And of course there's the Momo Prototipo steering wheel.
The base car was a 964 Carrera 4, so 4-wheel drive equals more safety. The engine received a mild tuning and has about 300 PS now. Combined with a twin exhaust cup pipe, this results in a fabulous sound.
The build has been done very professionally by MCG Propulsion, one of France's leading companies in conversions. It is fully documented with pictures and invoices.

So basically: when you are looking for a backdated 964 that drives, shifts, sounds and looks exactly as it should: this is the one to get !

More pictures here.